About Us

How We Got Started 


Post September 11th, many Sikhs across America were mistaken as terrorists.

Despite being the fifth largest religion in the world, Sikhs are not a recognized group for many Americans.

As High School and College Students, the founders of TurbanInc decided to battle ignorance in their own chic way.

TurbanInc launched at the Annual New York Sikh Day Parade in 2008. The founders made 250 bright blue “Bhangra Evolution” T-Shirts featuring an ape that, in five steps, morphs into a human Bhangra dancer.

The shirt was a sell out. Within a few hours of the parade, the founders were getting emails in their personal accounts from people asking to buy a shirt. Word quickly got around, and organizations became interested in printing through TurbanInc. The idea spurred and an online TurbanInc market place was established.

Mission Statement:

TurbanInc is a unique youth orientated apparel company based off the east coast. We bring you the newest and hottest apparel from this side of the world. Each shirt has a different message and theme and helps bring awareness to the community and beyond.

TurbanInc thrives to show the general public that we too are unique and special and we are not afraid to show it. We also do custom printing and graphic design for all different schools, organizations and events.